Problem Exporting dwg CAD blocks and Surfaces to dgn

We have a new client that needs DGN files as the prime deliverable. We have always used AutoCAD to model everything as our software automatically generates a DXF file output. Using the 'Export to DGN' option in AutoCAD we noticed that certain blocks and surfaces do not convert properly. Has anyone had experience with this sort of thing? I have attached an example of our blocks used to model pipelines and spools.Model New Pipe.dwg

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

  • This is a MicroStation community. If you need help with AutoCAD functionality, you may be better served by posting on the Autodesk support forums.

    There may be folks here who use both software packages and can get you the information you need, but most of us have our experience on the MicroStation end of things.

    Have you thought about getting a MicroStation license, and doing your file translation from that direction? MicroStation has been translating AutoCAD for a lot longer than AutoCAD has been translating MicroStation.


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