MicroStation V8i SS4 Saving to DWG Issue

MicroStation V8i SELECT Series 4 v08.11.09.829

When the MicroStation drawing is saved to DWG format, part of the title block info is gone.  Using the same MicroStation drawing file and creating the DWG with V8 works fine.  The text for the drawing number disappears when the DWG is created in V8i SS4.  In the DGN file the title block info is a cell containing Data Fields.  Other portions of text from the cell show in the DWG created with either version.  In the V8i DWG blank spaces between words show as an underscore.  Both versions of the DWG treat the portions of the info as Tags.  I've looked at the DWG Options settings in both versions of V8 but I can't see what would cause this one portion to disappear.  Any help in fixing this problem is greatly appreciated.

Below are a couple of screen shots from the two DWG files.  The first two are from V8 & the second two are from V8i (arrow added to point out missing item).





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