DGN Cell export to DWG Block - How to force Block Scale to 1?


I am trying to export some annotative cells in the Microstation CE environment (OpenRoads Designer) and am having some issues getting some cells to export as DWG blocks at the correct size. They are exporting to a block scale of 0.001 and are correctly displayed when we change the block scale to 1. So they are correctly sized, but we need a way to have them export to DWG set with a Block scale of 1, otherwise we need to do some post-processing in the DWG (which is not practical). If I set the DWG export cells setting to create scale blocks on, it will set this block scale to 1, but be 1000 times too small.

Is there any way to do this in DGN? We are using a delivered workspace configuration so ideally don't want to modify the annotation cells, etc.

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