Why am I having so much hassle opening dwg's?

Bentley is greatly disappointing me! This is an AutoCAD world you know. You guys need to support their format with one click.

This is really getting on my nerves, or should I simply totally move to AutoCAD?


  • If AutoCAD would quit changing formats it might be easier...


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  • Its actually parallel universes. With kinda different physics… :-) The one you grow up in appears to be the best.
    (You though may want to check if you statement holds true for the OwnerOperator Realm.)

    For me the hassle begins and bnds with nested shared cells. (nested blocks) (Architecture xrefs that are bound into a dwg)  

    I heard that those are an issue in ACAD as well(?) Did you try to open your files there? (I can not compare because I live in that other universe)

    Actually for me it seems a bit quicker - sometimes - with CONNECT.

    On top of that e.g. architectural files stem from ArchiCAD or Revit - wich seem to Output nested blocks heavyly. Those programs work with hierarchical structures that do not represent well in the "flat" Level world of both DWG and DGN! They are Always exportedinto nested blocks DWGs. I am wishing for tools that could handle nested cells/blocks since 30+ yrs. 

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  • Hi Anthony,

    Bentley is greatly disappointing me!

    May I ask you to be a bit more specific? To complain and not specify any detail(s) is a bit cheap and not very constructive...

    You guys need to support their format with one click.

    Well, if you know how to do it, tell it to and I assume Bentley will hire you immediately.

    I know some features (especially in CONNECT Edition) when I do not understand why such decision was done and why it was implemented in a particular way, but at the same time, you should be aware that Autodesk changes its format quite often and it does not provide complete specification to anybody. As far as I understand from some older discussions, even when you pay for RealDWG libraries license, some features are not supported by this API.

    With regards,