V8 Cell Library to V7 Cell Library

I'm required to output Microstation V7 DGN files of ESRI data using FME to support some of our MicroStation users. The only cell library I have is in a V8 format and FME will not recognize it. I am trying to convert the V8 cell library into a V7 cell library, so it can be used in FME. I have been able to export the cells from the V8 cell library into a booklet format in a V7 DGN file using the V8 CELLUTIL.ma mdl. However, I can not find the required V7 CELLX.ma mdl anywhere that is needed to extract the cells from the V7 DGN and place them into a V7 cell library. Does anyone know where the CELLX.ma mdl file can be downloaded from or another way to convert a V8 cell library into a V7 cell library without manually recreating the cells. Any help will be appreciated.



  • Hi

    why don't you ask the Safe FME support, why in the hell, after more than ten years,  they don't support V8 cell libraries?

    What version of Microstation are you using?



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  • https://communities.bentley.com/cfs-file/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/19567/cellx.ma

    Hi Scott,

    FWIW, attached is the CELLX.MA for MicroStation/J.
    to use:
    - place the file in the mdlapps folder of MicroStation/J (or a folder you have configured for this purpose).
    - start MicroStation/J
    - open the file in which the cells are that you want to extract
    - attach a cell library to which the cells are to be written/create a cell library and attach that to the open file
    - keyin: mdl load cellx
    - keyin: cell extract
    - follow the prompt and accept the cells to be written to the attached cell library
    - after the cells have been written, compress (=re-index) the cell library, to make the exported cells visible in the cell library dialog.

    MicroStation J is only certified up to Windows XP, so any higher Windows version may not bring the result you are looking for.
    The use of this application is at your own risk, so make sure to have a backup of the files that you use with cellx.ma.