V8 Cell Library to V7 Cell Library

I'm required to output Microstation V7 DGN files of ESRI data using FME to support some of our MicroStation users. The only cell library I have is in a V8 format and FME will not recognize it. I am trying to convert the V8 cell library into a V7 cell library, so it can be used in FME. I have been able to export the cells from the V8 cell library into a booklet format in a V7 DGN file using the V8 CELLUTIL.ma mdl. However, I can not find the required V7 CELLX.ma mdl anywhere that is needed to extract the cells from the V7 DGN and place them into a V7 cell library. Does anyone know where the CELLX.ma mdl file can be downloaded from or another way to convert a V8 cell library into a V7 cell library without manually recreating the cells. Any help will be appreciated.