Cannot Change Level Display in DWG Reference

Hi Everyone,

One of our users has reported an issue while attempting to adjust the level display of a DWG reference file. 

All the reference levels are grayed out and cannot be adjusted. This occurs when the DWG file is attached

to another DWG file. If the DWG file is attached to a DGN file there is no issue and one can adjust the DWG

reference levels display. This happens in Microstation SELECTseries 4.

Any ideas?



  • This may be associated with the operation of the configuration variable MS_LEVEL_EDIT_NESTED_ATTACHMENT_LEVELS where by default it can disallow you to make modifications to nested reference file levels. If this is working ok when the same DWG is referenced into a DGN file than it could be that the capability may have been disallowed in their configuration files. It may be worth looking in the users User or Project Configuration files (UCF or PCF). for any settings relating to this.

    Andrew Bell
    Technical Support
    Bentley Systems

  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the tip. I tried adding this line to our UCF:


    but noticed the same behavior. Then I found this line in the UCF file:


    I defined this to prevent users from modifying active or library level attributes.

    Apparently it denies any change to level display also. So I redefined it to be:


    And the issue has been resolved. I still do not entirely understand why this happened

    only when a DWG was attached to another DWG.



    Answer Verified By: Benzi Papo