Dimension Issue in exporting dgn to dwg.

Dear All,

             I am using Microstation V8i(SS 4), I am using export option for export dgn to dwg its exported fine but dimensions are not came properly in the exported DWG file. here i attached my screenshot for what option i am using when export.

And also i attached my test dgn please find it and give me the solution as earlier.

Thanks & Regards,

Karthik Mahalingam


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  • I can see that "input dimension" doesn't have a dimension style assigned to it, and that "exported drawing dimension" does have a dimension style. That can create significant potential differences.

    So...which one is "right"? What does your output DWG look like. Do have a "test" copy of your output?
    Which version of AutoCAD are you creating? Is it possible that AutoCAD simply doesn't support some of those dimension options? Can you place a "right" dimension in your DWG?


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