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I have a Dgn file which contains a sheet and a design model. The design model has 2 references attached and I then create 3 saved views. The saved views are attached to the sheet with live nesting enabled. When I export the file to DWG, the display is incorrect; the nested refs are not visible yet in the design model they are visible having been merged to cells. Does anyone know what DWG export settings should be enabled to have the Dwg sheet view match how it appears in my dgn file?

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  • Unfortunately I cant upload any files.

    I can show the results I see:

    DGN Design Model:

    DGN Sheet Model:

    DWG Design Model:

    DWG Sheet Model:

    As you can see the SV at the top right displays as per the DGN file's Sheet Model whilst the other 2 do not. If I were to use the same SV for all views (instead of 3 separate SV's) then it exports fine. I've also found if I export the design model to a separate DGN file, ref attach the SV's from that file into the Sheet files Sheet model, everything exports fine.

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