Print Priority in DWG files

Hello again,


I was wondering if anyone can advise on how to print the line-work last on the attached file so that the filled shapes are underneath. I had a pentable that worked in XM most of the time, assigning print priority to the shaded colours to print first. It doesn't seem to work in V8i....    :(




  • You may find more info regarding use of workmode capabilities.  In general you should not try to enable them unless you are sure about it.  Enabling a capability will allow you to create elements that cannot be saved to a target format.  Element priority, for instance, cannot be saved to DWG.  Although we try to make it to file position, but that is not the same concept.  In your case, you only need the element priority for printing, so it's OK to enable the capability for that.

    As for your text priority, you also need to change element priority as opposed to reference file priority.

  • Don,

    I have brought the text element to the front, set the active file to display last, set the model and layout space to 2D, adjusted the text element priority to print last in my pentable. The text still displays under the fill. What else do I need to do?Thanks.


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