Print Priority in DWG files

Hello again,


I was wondering if anyone can advise on how to print the line-work last on the attached file so that the filled shapes are underneath. I had a pentable that worked in XM most of the time, assigning print priority to the shaded colours to print first. It doesn't seem to work in V8i....    :(




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  • Don,

    I do not have the option to adjust the priority in the ElementInfo dialog. It shows it as being ticked on but does not show in the dialog- refer attached JPEGs. The text and line-work will display okay in the Beta Series2 version and version but not The text and line-work will print okay in the Beta and version 07.171 with all my pentable sections ticked on, but not in version 05.17 (the version I current use for production).

    So should I have an element priority option in my ElementInfo dialog? Please advise.

    I guess if I want to print I should use the newer versions. Or I might just migrate to use a newer version for production.