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G'day Bentley Guys,


Any timetable as to when the Copy and Increment Text tool is going to be fixed for DWG files in the latest versions of Microstation? It is really annoying having to crank up the XM edition to use this feature...





  • The underlying problem with the copy/increment tool is that it only works on text elements; MText from DWG files inherently converts to text nodes nowadays, hence the problem. DText should generally convert to text elements. If you want us to verify this, please provide a file that works in 8.9.4 and not 8.11. At the end of the day, the DWG import is not at fault here (even if it changed), it's just an ancient tool.

    As far as a timetable, the tool is unchanged in V8i SS2, and we are currently evaluating when to re-write it.

  • Lincoln,

    I'm just going off what's been said; is the only problem that copy/increment text doesn't work on textnode's? Because if so then there could be alternatives:

    If your text is single line text (that is now a textnode) why don't you drop the element first?

    Otherwise it could be something a VBA or other custom app could do. Can you run dll's?


  • Because as soon as the file is saved, it converts all of the text back into MTEXT.

    The fact that it does not work on text nodes is annoying in a DGN file too.

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