Saving from .DWG to .DGN

I have a large amount of drawings that I need to save from .DWG to .DGN but at the same time i need to map the levels, text, lineweights, line colours etc.

Example of the conversion I need below.

AutoCAD Layer name Microstation XM Layer name
AutoCAD line colour Microstation line colour
Green 0
Yellow 0

etc. etc.

Now I can open the DWG files i have been given in Microstation or I can open them in AutoCAD and export them but I'm not sure which is better? I tried saving from AutoCAD as DGN file and then save as DGN again in microstation using a csv file but Microstation just crashed.

Any help greatly appreciated.

  • I would recommend that you open the DWG drawings in MicroStation and use the Save As command with a CSV remap files to convert to a MicroStation DGN file. The CSV remap file can remap Levels, Fonts, Line weights, Color and Line styles.

    I suggest manually saving one DWG drawing to DGN and check the conversion to verify that the remap worked correctly.  After you have the remapping working the way that you want, you can then user the Batch Convert utility to batch convert your drawings. The Batch Convert utility is located on the Utilities pull-down in MicroStation. You can open any drawing to run the Batch Convert utility.

    Each of the tables in the CSV remap file contains instructions at the bottom of the table (workbook).  Here is also a link to a Bentley Institute On-Demand learning session titled “Advanced DWG Save As using the CSV Remap Capabilities”. The session also applies when saving to DGN.

    Scroll down the page to “MicroStation For DWG User” and expand the Find Training to see the list of the training sessions.

  • I tried what you suggested, opening the .dwg in Microstation, using save as and a CSV remap file. I tried something simple like changing the name of a layer using the CSV but when I re-save it doesnt work.

  • Play a little more as I do this alot with both conversion of DWG to DBN and DGN to new text syles.

    And just for a refresher for me.

    I go to export to DWG and after I get one working I use the batch process.font

    I go to the save to dwg  settings and slect anc create CSV file  "Font"

    The i open that csv file

    Go to fonts tab

    And Play until I find what I like    for me it is Font=*and all output is TimesNewRoman

    (It maynot be * as I am at the wrong machine.  But I made it simple selecting all)

    Then I save.

    Now everytime I make a translation I select that CSV file and the option for font.

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