iModel and Adboe


When I first starting using the iModel Plug-in for Adobe my clients were absolutely amazed at the functionality, well so was I. The fact that you could share file in a common format like PFD and include all the "intelligence" was just to good to be true. Well all of that just stopped working months ago.

We cannot get any of our computers (all Windows 7) to generate a iModel that can be inserted into a PDF. We tried Adobe 9 and 10 with no luck. The files that we created could now also no longer be access as some or other update from Adobe (not that you can stop this) corrupted everything. We cannot even uninstall the plug-in. Well here is my question to the Bentley guru's. When will you update the iModel Plug-in for Adobe to be able to work with the latest version of Adobe and also to be stable once more.

I have posted the question before, but it seems that I might be the only person that uses this function. Hope to see the update soon or at least a post to say its coming.

Many Spyker