macro to export fence content to a single DWG file


We often found painful to export a 3D model (with many references) to DWG: multiples files, levels displays, etc...

Is it possible to create a macro that will save the content of a fence into a SINGLE DWG, with the levels display as the screen ?

I tried with the export DWG or DWGblock fonctions but without great success ( because i can't easily set the options to merge references to cell and so on...)

Any help will be appreciated..



  • This issue may be better addressed on the programming forum. It would be better for this to be a function of a vba application or possibly using MicroStation Basic.

    Currently change request #269676 is filed to be able to retain the toggle settings on the filter tab as these settings do not hold between translations of files. This will present a problem as you have to toggle the fence option each time when saving to DWG using a fence through the DWG SaveAs or DWG export function.

    The save fence "sf=" only support saving to DGN format.