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MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 1

The MicroStation product team is pleased to announce the availability of MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 Update 1 ( on Fulfillment Center and for update through the CONNECTION Client. This version of MicroStation CONNECT Edition incorporates a number of user requested fixes as well as the ability to check for product updates.


If you have MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 version currently installed on your computer, you can download and install MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 (Incremental) Update 1 ( using the CONNECTION Client.

To install the update please follow the steps below:

    1. Sign into CONNECTION Client.
    2. Right-click the CONNECTION Client icon in the system tray and select Options.
    3. In the Options dialog that opens, navigate to the Check for Update tab and click on the Check Update button.
    4. In the pop-up that displays above the system tray, click Launch Bentley Update.
    5. In the Bentley Update window, turn on the check box for MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 1 and click Install.


      The update is downloaded and installed automatically.



      If you would like the full installation of MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 (Full) Update 1, please follow these steps to download it from Fulfillment Center:

        1. Sign in to
        2. Browse to Support
        3. Select Go To Portal
        4. Choose Software Downloads from "My Support"
        5. Select the Brand MicroStation and then select the Generation of CONNECT Edition.
        6. Download the latest release by clicking on the arrow to expand the selection and then on MicroStation CONNECT Edition (Full) x64 Update 1 version

            Important installation requirements and notices are found in the Readme.

          What's New


          • Ability to check for product updates.


          Note: Administrators and users who do not want to receive product update notifications for this version can disable this by doing the following steps:

          1. Right-click the CONNECTION client in your system tray and select Check Updates.
            The Bentley Updates window opens.
          2. Click Settings in Bentley Updates window.
          3. Set the Critical updates settings drop-down option to Do not check updates.
          4. Click OK.

          Please be sure to visit MicroStation forum on Bentley Communities to keep up to date with the latest information on Blogs, Wiki's, Announcements and Support Forums.