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MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 5

The MicroStation product team is pleased to announce the availability of MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 Update 5 ( on Fulfillment Center and for update through the CONNECTION Client. This version of MicroStation CONNECT Edition incorporates a number of new capabilities as well as user requested fixes.  Please refer to the "What's New Highlights" section below for some of the major product updates and enhancements.


If you currently have MicroStation CONNECT Edition already installed on your computer, you can download and install MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 5 from the CONNECTION Client. MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 5 will replace any earlier versions of MicroStation CONNECT Editions and update it to MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 5.  Sign into the CONNECTION Client to view and apply your Application updates.   If needed, please refer to the CONNECTION Client help for more information on installing the update.


If you would like the full installation of MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 (Full) Update 5, please follow these steps to download it from Fulfillment Center:
    1. Sign in to
    2. Browse to Support
    3. Select Go To Portal
    4. Choose Software Downloads from "My Support"
    5. Select the Brand MicroStation and then select the Generation of CONNECT Edition.
    6. Download the latest release by clicking on the arrow to expand the selection and then on MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 Update 5 version

Important installation requirements and notices are found in the Readme.

What's New Highlights

Dynamic Views

Detail Scale in Drawing Boundaries

  • You can now set the detail scale while placing a drawing boundary.

Overlap While Placing Named Boundaries by Length

  • The implementation of Overlap setting while placing a named boundary using the by length method has changed. The Overlap value no longer extends or shortens the boundary element. It now sets the total overlap with the adjacent named boundaries.

Renaming Model Automatically Updates Saved View Links

  • If any saved views are attached to the model, renaming the model automatically updates the saved views links. This prevents the links from being invalidated.

Parametric Modeling

  • Ability to apply radius or diameter constraint from the Dimension Element Constraint tool setting, to maintain consistency in dimension type throughout the design
  • Ability to protrude a profile through desired distance, up to solid or selected face up of the solid using the Protrusion tool setting.


  • Ability to Activate a Cached Reference.
  • Set Visible Edges Display from Reference Attachment Properties and Create Drawing Dialogs.
  • Set Cache Synchronization Option of All References Using Key-in.
  • Set Visible Edges and Reloading of all References in the Active Model Using Key-in.

Solids Modeling

  • Ability to create a solid or surface by extrusion along a portion of a path.
  • Ability to reverse the direction of the path

Ability to Use the Same Element as an Input in Multiple Parametric Features

  • You can now use one element as an input element in multiple parametric features, such that changes to the input element affects all the features using it.

 User Preferences

  • Preferences for Input Category. Pressing Enter Shows Key-in Window - If on, pressing <Enter> shows the Key-in browser. Default is on.

[Technology Preview] Issue Resolution Service

Issue Resolution Service is a cloud based service that intends to identify and resolve issues during a project's life cycle. The primary focus of this service is to allow coordination between work in the field and in the office.  In MicroStation, for a CONNECTED project, you can now view and manage issues registered by users of Bentley Navigator (desktop or mobile) application, as punch list items. These Punch List Items can be viewed and managed in the Manage Issues dialog in the Issue Resolution group. A Punch List Item is an issue associated with an item documented using Bentley Navigator CONNECT Edition (Refer to Bentley Navigator Help for more information on Punch Lists). You can view details, attachments and comments associated with the punch list items and also add new comments to them as needed. You can upload these comments to the cloud.

 [Technology Preview] Online Help

MicroStation documentation can now be accessed online. With Online help, you will always get the updated version of documentation. When accessing Online help, you also get other capabilities such as advanced search and commenting. The Use Online Help setting in the Preferences dialog, Help Settings category allows you to enable or disable Online help access. When this setting is on (the default), Online help is opened. If internet connection is not available, the offline Web help is opened.

Technology Preview Features Released in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 5

The following features that were in Technology Preview mode in previous updates have been commercially released in this update:

  • Bentley CONNECT Advisor
  • Project Standards Sharing
  • WorkSet Template
  • QuickVision 5 support

For the full list of What's New and Changed please refer to the Help section within MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 5.

Please refer to the following link for the Resolved Issues in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 5.  Also, be sure to visit MicroStation forum on Bentley Communities to keep up to date with the latest information on Blogs, Wiki's, Announcements and Support Forums