Welcome Bentley LumenRT Designer!

With MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 7 we are proud to introduce Bentley LumenRT Designer Edition, available to all Bentley CONNECT subscribers at no additional cost.

Bentley LumenRT Designer is a new LumenRT Edition which is delivered as a MicroStation Companion Product for easy installing.

All current Bentley CONNECT subscribers can immediately start working with LumenRT Designer without the need of an additional license and produce stunning scenes and animations.

Bentley LumenRT Designer supports resolutions up to Full HD and exporting to MicroStation. 

All Bentley users holding a valid Bentley LumenRT license and a CONNECT subscription keep availing of all the extended features of the paid edition, while all other users can easily upgrade by following the instructions in the web page here below.

Please note that only versions of LumenRT delivered with MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 7 and later (or LumenRT Update 3 builds starting from when downloaded directly from our fulfilment centre) support the new Designer mode.

Note: From MicroStation Update 14, the delivered Companion version of LumenRT will always start in Designer mode. LumenRT Designer, from LumenRT Update 14 onwards, is now only available as a Companion Product for MicroStation and PowerPlatform applications.

Here is a chart showing the key differences between LumenRT Designer, LumenRT ConceptStation, and LumenRT Pro (the full version):

Upgrade to LumenRT