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MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK Update 9

MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK Update 9 Release Notes

May 9, 2018

The MicroStation SDK team is pleased to announce the release of the MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK Update 9 (U9). The most recent release provides a number of requested enhancements.

New Features

To see the latest changes related to this SDK release, please take a few moments to review the following items:

  1. Help Topics (..\MicroStationCONNECTSDK\Documentation\Index.html)
    • Installation > Installation Requirements
    • What's New > "Whats new in the SDK"
      • [ChooseSDKUpdateVersion]
      • MicroStation CONNECT Update [ChooseSDKUpdateVersion] Deprecated functions
  2. Updated Documentation
    • Help files
      • Incremental updates to help files
  3. Updated Code samples
    • None
  4. New Code samples
    • examples\Elements\ComplexElemNested
  5. New Includes
    • None
  6. Features
    • Geometry
      • include\Geom\CurvePrimitive.h
        • CreateSpiralBearingRadiusLengthRadius
        • CreateSpiralBearingCurvatureLengthCurvature
        • CreateSpiralsStartShoulderTarget
        • CreatePseudoSpiralPointBearingRadiusLengthRadius
      • include\Geom\CurveVector.h
        • CreateSpiralLineToLineShift
        • ConstructSpiralArcSpiralTransition
        • ConstructSpiralArcSpiralTransitionPseudoOffset
      • include\Geom\dellipse3d.h
        • FromStartTangentNormalRadiusSweep
      • include\Geom\dmatrix4d.h
        • IsAffine
      • include\Geom\dpoint4d.h
        • SumOf
        • AlmostEqual, AlmostEqualReversed
        • MaxAbsUnnormalizedXYZ
        • MaxUnnormalizedXYZDiff
        • FromCrossProduct
      • include\Geom\DSpiral2dBase.h
        • Many
      • include\Geom\GeomApi.h
        • ValidatedDPlane3dByVectors
      • include\Geom\transform.h
        • FromOriginAndBearingXY
    • ItemTypes
      • include\DgnPlatform\CustomItemType.h
    • Parametric Modeling
      • include\DgnPlatform\ParametricCellHandlers.h
        • ParametricCellInfoPtr
  7. New Library files
    • None

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Known Issues, Bug Fixes, Breaking Changes

  • This release of MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK installer version is:, though the SDK build version is:


  • MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK native (C/C++) and managed code (.NET add ins) development requires:
  • After installing the MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK it is recommended to change your Desktop and/or Start Charm/Menu shortcut properties to enable: "Run as Administrator". This will ensure any file and folder creation to Windows protected locations can be created and edited properly.

Release Notes

  • MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK releases generally are available within 2 weeks of a respective closely paired MicroStation product release
  • To ensure maximum application compatibility and stability of your applications:
    • Make sure to use the latest MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK and a (closely) matching MicroStation product version
    • It is highly recommended to recompiling existing applications for each new MicroStation product and SDK update release
    • If Breaking Changes are provided, MDL applications will require recompilation

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