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MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK Update 12

March 12, 2019

The MicroStation SDK team is pleased to announce the release of the MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK Update 12 (U12).

The most recent release provides several enhancements in the following areas:

  1. Executive Summary

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Professional (or better) is the default toolset requirement
    • Recompile MDL applications due to new default toolset requirements
    • Incremental updates: APIs, Documentation, Examples

  2. Documentation

    • Latest Changes (..\MicroStationCONNECTSDK\Documentation\Readme\Index.html)
      • Topics 
        • Installation > Installation Requirements
        • What's New > "What's new in the SDK"
          • [ChooseSDKUpdateVersion]
          • MicroStation CONNECT Update [ChooseSDKUpdateVersion] Deprecated functions
    • Added
      • Documentation\ECObjectsAPI.chm
    • Blog: Bentley Communities - MicroStation Programming Blog

  3. Developer Shell

    • Provide support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
    • SDKPrefs.bat support for:
      • Visual Studio (default or custom) Development Environment (_SDKINITVS, _SDKVSTOOLDIR, _SDKVSTOOLCMD)
      • SDKMacros initialization (_SDKINITMACROS)
    • Tool/script consistency updates

  4. Includes and APIs

    • Added
      • DgnPlatform\PickList.h
        • PickList and PickListValue
    • Updated
      • DgnPlatform\DgnPlatform.h
        • DrawPurpose::VueRender
      • DgnPlatform\ECReportNode.h
        • GetSelectionScopeOption / SetSelectionScopeOption
      • DgnPlatform\LxoSetup.h
        • RenderOutputArray
      • DgnPlatform\SolidKernel.h
        • ISubEntity
      • Geom\BSIQuadrature.h
        • GetXYEval - @param [out] w weight for sums
      • Geom\ClipPlaneSet.h
        • ClipPlanarRegion / ClipAndMaskPlanarRegion
      • Geom\CurvePrimitive.h
        • New Topic: ICurvePrimitive > Fractional position along a primitive
        • CreateAustralianRailCorpBearingRadiusLengthRadius
      • Geom\DPoint3dOps.h
        • FixupAndTriangulateSpaceLoops - @param [out] xyzOut returned coordinates
      • Geom\DSpiral2dBase.h
        • Stroke - @param [in] spiral spiral to stroke
        • StrokeToAnnouncer
          @param [out] minInterval smallest number of intervals allowed
          @param [out] maxStrokeLength maximum allowed stroke length
      • Geom\transform.h
        • MultiplyX / MultiplyY / MultiplyZ
      • mki\AssertToolSet.mki
        Adjust capabilities: BUILD_USING_VS2017 and BUILD_USING_VS2015
      • mki\DefaultToolSet.mki
        Adjust default toolset: BUILD_USING_VS2017
      • mki\winntmdl.mki
        Adjust CCompOpts + -fp:precise

  5. Examples

    • DgnEC\DgnECNativeCrudExample
    • DgnEC\PickListExamples
      • ManagedExample
      • NativeExample

  6. Libraries

    • None

  7. Requirements

  8. Known Issues, Bug Fixes, Breaking Changes

    • Recompile MDL applications due to new default toolset requirements

  9. Release Notes

    • It is recommended to modify the Desktop and/or Start Charm/Menu shortcut properties to enable: "Run as Administrator".
      This ensures any Windows protected locations can be created and modified properly.
    • MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK releases generally are available within 2 weeks of a respective closely paired MicroStation product release
    • To ensure maximum application compatibility and stability of your applications:
      • Make sure to use the latest MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK and a (closely) matching MicroStation product version
      • It is highly recommended to recompiling existing applications for each new MicroStation product and SDK update release
    • If Breaking Changes are provided, MDL applications will require recompilation

  10. Resources