Have you heard about Bentley MicroStation Accreditation?

Become Bentley MicroStation Accredited

(For information e-mail us at accreditation@Bentley.com for any of our exciting Accreditation opportunities.)


With all the current challenges in the world, many engineers, architects, and designers are looking to hone or improve their current skill set. To assist, Bentley has recently announced a series of official accreditations. The most exciting one from my standpoint is the Bentley MicroStation Accreditation. However, if you are more of an OpenRoads or OpenBuildings expert, or a ProjectWise Administrator, we have accreditations just for you…with more to come!

Bentley is now offering Bentley User Accreditation, ProjectWise Administrator Accreditation, and several BIM Modeler Accreditations.

Working through a Bentley Accreditation verifies that those that become accredited know the essential software skills and workflows to be a highly productive user. It also makes you an invaluable asset to your employer, and these days, that is a good thing.

By attending an accreditation course and successfully passing an assessment or completing a hands-on design project, you will have demonstrated the skills to stand out from the competition and advance your career to the next level.

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