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MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 (

We are pleased to announce MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15, now available on Software Downloads and as a downloadable update from the CONNECTION Client.

This version focuses on shortening the learning curve for existing AutoCAD users with major new capabilities as well as a long list of other new capabilities.

What's New Highlights

Shortening the Learning Curve for AutoCAD Users

  • Option to work with a UI similar to AutoCAD

MicroStation emulates the AutoCAD interface, displaying tabs and tools similar to the layout of the AutoCAD ribbon. You can even set your preference so that the ESC key cancels the active command. We also call this the “dark theme.”

  • Use DWG shortcuts as key-ins

You can now use 100+ AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts in MicroStation as key-ins.

  •  DWG Configuration Wizard

The DWG WorkSet Wizard will help you seamlessly migrate your AutoCAD standards to a MicroStation WorkSpace/WorkSets. 

  • RealDWG 2021 support

Support for RealDWG 2021 

Productivity Enhancements

  • WMTS (Web Map Tile Service) support1

Use WMTS, a standard protocol for serving pre-rendered map tiles from the server or run-time computed geo-referenced map tiles over the internet. 

  • iTwin Design Review support1

Simplify model sharing and web-based model review with the ability to access iTwin Design Review within MicroStation. 

  • Summarize, Group and Aggregate information in Reports1

Summarize information in columns and display in reports with the ability to group rows and generate sums, counts, averages, minimums and maximums for columns. 

  • New rendering with enhanced functionality and improved performance1

Use the built-in VUE render engine to render your models with even more realism in significantly less time. This new rendering process is multi-threaded, so you can continue to work while the rendering is in progress.

  • Define custom properties calculated from other property data

Employ powerful expression-based system to define complex custom properties calculated from other property data, like taking object geometry properties like its volume and a property attached to it that defines its density to calculate the object’s mass.

  • Drive parametric variables of your model from Excel

Import any number of parametric variables from an Excel spreadsheet, avoiding to duplicate manual effort using the variables dialog.

  • Help, Notifications and Profile in ribbon

Access notifications, learning, support, help documentation, your profile, and account-specific information in the ribbon. 

  • Use 'include these item types' filter in reports

Intuitively find and select the right item types and properties for a report more quickly. 

  • Wildcards in display rules

Use wildcards in display rules by setting the string to (*/?) followed by the "like" comparison to filter out long lists and search the exact string. 

  • V8i Task Theme2
    Display the task theme interface familiar to the user interface of MicroStation V8i. 
  • iTwin Synchronizer2
    Use the iTwin Synchronizer to synchronize changes in a design file to an iModel in the iModelHub for cloud-based design collaboration. 
  • Text Favorites Manager2
    Associate Item Types in the field type while creating or managing a text favorite in the Text Favorite Manager dialog. 

1 public technology preview capabilities

2 moved from public technology preview to general availability


If you would like the setup executable of MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15, please follow these steps to download it from Software Downloads Center:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Choose Software Downloads from "My Support" section
  3. Select the brand "MicroStation"
  4. Download the latest release by clicking on the arrow to expand the selection and then on MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 Update 15 version

Please find the resolved issues in this version at the following link.  Important installation requirements and notices are found in the Readme

More Information

 Visit the MicroStation forum on Bentley Communities to keep up to date with the latest information on blogs, wiki's, announcements and support forums.