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MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16 (

The MicroStation product team is pleased to announce the availability of MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16 ( on Software Downloads and as a downloadable update from the CONNECTION Client. This MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update includes:

  • Pick Lists and Tables Enhancements

In Update 16, you will see enhanced item type workflows with advanced Pick List settings and the ability to derive pick lists from lookup tables and Excel files. This will ensure consistency, reduce manual effort, and avoid human error. You will be able to search and filter out pick list values to associate while attaching an item type. This will be useful while working with large lists of values. For any table you may place in your design. You can now assign a table name and description to it in the Properties dialog.

  • Parametric Modeling Enhancements

Multiple placement points were recently introduced in parametric modeling. If you are working with these, you can now choose to fix one of the placement points while placing a parametric cell. After placing, this placement point will become sticky, which means that any variation applied to the cell will respect the location of this fixed placement point. While upgrading a parametric cell,, you can update it with a newer version with updated item type and parametric information. You can also place a parametric cell with updated item type libraries in a DGN with older item type libraries attached.

  • Visualization

The Vue rendering engine offers excellent rendering presets that you canutilize . However, if you wish to customize any of these presets, you can now use the new Render Setup Manager dialog to adjust VUE’s rendering settings. The VUE render engine is made commercially available in Update 16. VUE’s Render Setup manager has separate tabs for Path Tracing and Ray Tracing, allowing you to create photo-realistic renderings.

  • One Configuration

If you are a user or an organization using other Bentley products along with MicroStation, you will now have a single Configuration folder that can be shared by the different Bentley products without any conflict. Configuration files and resource files can be extended to suit each product. Changes have been made to the delivered configuration files to achieve this. Your existing configurations will NOT be affected by this change.

Technology Preview features

  • Modify and update sheet index changes for multiple sheets
  • Execute Startup Script button in the Preferences Dialog

Commercial Releases

The below features that were introduced as Technology Preview in previous releases are now commercially available for all users:

If you would like the setup executable of MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 (Full) Update 16, please follow these steps to download it from Software Downloads Center:
1. Sign in to
2. Choose Software Downloads from "My Services" section
3. Select the Brand "MicroStation"
4. Download the latest release by clicking on the arrow to expand the selection and then on MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 Update 16 version

Important installation requirements and notices are found in the Readme