Coffee Corner: MicroStation - Simple Ways to Customize MicroStation

Title: Coffee Corner: MicroStation - Simple Ways to Customize MicroStation
Presenter: Mike Lazear, President, Archway Systems and Shawn McGaffick, Senior Manager, Content Development, Bentley System
Date and Time: September 28, 2021 at 11:00 AM EDT

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This MicroStation Coffee Corner focuses on the user’s ability to personalize MicroStation by customizing the CONNECT user interface. With the introduction of a personal.dgnlib, that is automatically created for the user, personalizing MicroStation is easier than it's ever been before.  

Come to this Coffee Corner to find out how to:

  • Create a workflow
  • Customize the Quick Access toolbar
  • Customize the ribbon: including tabs, ribbon groups and ribbon icons
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts
  • Customize spacebar popup menu
  • Learn how to use existing interface components to simplify creating your own

By customizing the MicroStation CONNECT interface the user can keep the tools they use most often easily accessible thus increasing their daily productivity. Come see how easy it is to adjust the MicroStation interface.

Let’s learn together what it takes to make MicroStation work for you. MicroStation Coffee Corners are open to all Bentley users, free of charge. One learning unit is applied to each participant’s Bentley Transcript for self-reporting. To view prior sessions, watch the Recordings On-Demand.

**The webcast will be streamed through your computer, so there is no dial-in number.  Please make sure your computer speakers (or headset) are turned on and the volume is set to an audible level so you can hear the presenters.  Help