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MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17.1

The MicroStation product team is proud to announce the availability of MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17.1 on Software Downloads and as a downloadable update from the CONNECTION Client.  

This release also includes the latest security improvements.  The details will can be found in our advisory page website located in our Trust Center here:

The following release includes:

Streamlined workflow to Components Center:

  • Select a model to upload in the new Models field in the Components Center Upload dialog.
  • Identify parametric components by a P overlaid on their thumbnail previews in the Components Center Explorer dialog.

Improved usability and productivity with Item Types in the Attach Item Dialog.

  • Resize the dialog, individual property fields as well as the Text Style drop-down menu.
  • Select an item type from the list using the checkbox, or by clicking on it. The checkbox allows you to select and attach multiple item types to an element. The selected item type is listed at the top in the properties section.
  • When no item is selected, the Properties section shows the following message:

            "Please select an Item Type."

  • Add, Delete, Move up and Move down buttons to manage array items.

Added improved methods when using Expressions to derive the Coordinate Values

  • Define a new Global Origin point in a design file and use an expression to derive its coordinate values.

Save time and steps with the Merge internal references option while saving a DGN using the new setting available in the Save As V8 Options Dialog, References Tab.

Minimize redrawing and save time when working with DWG files by importing PDF vector data directly in this file format.

Be more productive with these new usability improvements in Reports.

  • Add related instances to a report definition’s column properties with the From Related Object setting. 
  • Add common properties of two or more columns in the report definition. 

Save time by using the Remove Parametric Variables option, in the block’s reset pop-up menu to remove all assigned variables from a block. This option is available for blocks that are placed with variables assigned to their edges.

You can also find What's New in MicroStation CONNECT Update 17.1 in our latest YouTube video.

TIFF image format is deprecated from the HTML Author tool as it is not supported by current browsers like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. The two supported file formats are JPEG and PNG.

If you would like the setup executable of MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 Update 17.1, please follow these steps to download it from Software Downloads Center:
1. Sign in to
2. Choose Software Downloads from "My Services" section
3. Select the Brand "MicroStation"
4. Download the latest release by clicking on the tile for MicroStation and then on MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 Update 17 version

Important installation requirements and notices are found in the ReadMe and the Resolved Issues.