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MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK Update 17.1

October 18, 2022

The MicroStation SDK team is pleased to announce the release of the MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK Update 17.1 (MSCE SDK U17.1). The current release provides several enhancements in the following areas:

Executive Summary

Keep Current


MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK native (C/C++) and managed code (.NET add ins) development requires:

Bentley Visual Studio Templates

Microsoft Visual Studio Configuration Recommendations

Visual Studio - Workload Dependencies

  • .NET Desktop Development
  • Desktop development with C++ (Provides: DIA SDK)
  • Universal Windows Platform development (Provides: Windows 10 SDK, or Download)

Visual Studio - Installing and Configuring

Visual Studio - Toolset location Changes

Note: Microsoft recommends binding 1 Toolset (version) per 1 Development Shell (environment instance)

Release Notes

  • General
    • Some CHM files are Missing in this release of the SDK and can be obtained and manually installed from here.
    • Modify the Desktop and/or Start Charm/Menu shortcut properties to enable: "Run as Administrator"
    • MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK releases are generally available within 2 weeks of a respective closely paired MicroStation product release
    • To ensure maximum compatibility and stability of your applications:
      • Recompile custom applications when Microsoft Visual Studio version changesor Breaking Changes are mentioned 
  • Bug FixesReview Resolved Defects: MicroStation CONNECT Edition - Resolved Issues
  • Breaking Changes - N/A


MicroStation Developer Shell
SDK Root
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Incremental API Updates. See: Include section (below) and ChangeLogs
  • Added
    • DgnEC\ECValueWithTypeAdapter (BLI 933630. Create Native and Managed EC Value Type Adapter examples)
  • Updated
    • Constraints\constraint2ddemo\constraint2ddemo.cpp. (Bug 974065. Call BeFileName::GetDirectoryName vs GetSystemDirectoryW)
    • DialogBoxes\myapp\myapp.r. (Bug 658764. Remove DIALOGATTR_AUTOOPEN)
  • DgnPlatform\DgnLinks.h
    • Add: IsSheetIndexLink, GetSheetIndexTreeSpec
  • DgnPlatform\DgnPlatformErrors.r.h
    • Add: DGNMODEL_STATUS_InvalidNumberOfVertices, DGNMODEL_STATUS_InvalidDisplayPriority
    • Add: DGNMODEL_STATUS_InvalidIsGraphics, DGNMODEL_STATUS_InvalidComplexHdr
  • DgnPlatform\DgnViewport.hAdd: ComputeElementRangeByDrawPurposeDgnPlatform\ECReportNode.h
    • Add: m_isRelatedInstanceProperty
  • DgnPlatform\ElementProperties.h
    • Add: SetAppendLsParams, GetAppendLsParams
  • DgnPlatform\TextTableHandler.h
    • Add: JudgeSame
  • DgnPlatform\TextTableStyle.h
    • Remove: SetColor, GetColor, SetLineStyle, GetLineStyle, SetWeight, GetWeight
    • Add: SetHasFillColorForTitleRows, GetHasFillColorForTitleRows, SetFillColorForTitleRows, GetFillColorForTitleRows
  • DgnPlatform\WorkSet.h
    • Add: SetConfigName
  • GeoCoord\BaseGeoCoord.h
    • Add: enum GeoCoordParseStatus (Add OSGEO GCS support)
    • Add: AllocateClean
  • Geom\CurveVector.h
    • Add: IsPlanarWithTolerance, IntersectionsXY
  • Geom\MSBsplineCurve.h
    • Add: AddLineIntersectionsXY, AddLinestringIntersectionsXY
  • Mstn\MdlApi\dlogids.r.h
    • Add: DIALOGID_FileWorkSetNotFound_ValidActiveWorkSet_ValidConfig, RADIOBUTTONID_FileProjectNotFound_ActivateWorkSet
  • Mstn\MdlApi\mssystem.fdf
    • Add: mdlSystem_isRunningWin11orLater
  • Mstn\cmdlist.r.h
    • Add: MultiPointPlacement\ParametricCellEditInPlaceTool.h
  • PSolid\PSolidCoreAPI.h
    • Add: BooleanUnion
  • GeoCoord\BaseGeoCoord.h
    • Refactor (multiple files): BENTLEY_GEOCOORD_PP_NAMESPACE to namespace GeoCoordinates
    • Refactor: Compiler options
    • Add: ClearConverterCache, InitFromWellKnownText, SetUnitByKeyname, SetVerticalDatumByKey
  • N/A
Migration Tools
  • N/A
  • Various make files (*.mki)
    • mki\ (Updated Visual Studio version numbers and build ids)
    • mki\dlmlink.mki (Add DEV_STUDIO processing)
    • mki\mdl.mki (Add DEV_STUDIO processing)
    • mki\mkcsharp.mki (Add DEV_STUDIO processing)
    • mki\winntmdl.mki (Add DEV_STUDIO processing)



Available Languages: Chinese, EnglishGerman