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MicroStation 2023 (

The MicroStation product team is proud to announce the availability of MicroStation 2023 on Software Downloads. We appreciate you taking the time to share your input and ideas to help improve MicroStation.  

The following features are based upon your feedback:  

Installer Update:  

Side-by-side Installation allows you to adopt MicroStation 2023 without upgrading your current installation of MicroStation CONNECT Edition mid-project. For more information regarding configurations, please refer to the Side-by-side Installation wiki and Documentation. 
**If you already have a previous version of MicroStation on your machine, MicroStation 2023 will install as a separate application.** 

Geospatial Enhancements: 

Incorporate Geospatial context information in a design and be confident in your data by incorporating the Geospatial Context workflow, which provides direct access to Esri ArcGISTm REST Feature Services and Esri ArcGISTm Map and Image Services. It is also possible to access the WFS service from Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) (Technology Preview feature). All the tools for accessing contextual data from the WEB have been brought together in a new workflow called "Geospatial Context". 

Bing Maps Enhancements saves you time by giving you access to the Assign Background Map tool available in the ribbon. You can easily apply background map settings to multiple views using this new tool. 

Usability Enhancements:  

Usability and the overall user experience in MicroStation is a key focus for our team.  The following usability and interface changes were implemented based on your feedback in our MicroStation survey earlier this year.  

  • Quickly access the PopSet toggle from the Ribbon to save time and increase productivity. The Popset toggle is now in the Ribbon (Home > Primary) and in the Quick Access Toolbar. 
  • ESC “escape” key exits the command setting for DWG files, which helps increase productivity for users more familiar with DWG workflow. 
  • Issue Resolution Service enhancements add improved usability by adding element markers and the fit view control.  
  • Easily control the display of Text Field background with a setting in the View Attributes dialog. 

Performance Improvements:  

A new setting in the Properties Dialog allows you to control the maximum number of elements displayed, improving performance when selecting multiple elements. 

3D Productivity Enhancements:  

Improve productivity with the ability to select the attributes of cut profile while creating a cut feature on a solid. 

Technology Preview features: 

Most Recently Used Commands 

Save time while doing repetitive functions with the ability to recall the 5 to 10 most recently used commands in a session by accessing the spacebar Popups menu on the newly added Recents tab. 

Parametric Solid Improvements 

Loft a given profile along closed section elements with guide wires to save time by creating a parametric solid section with guide wires. You can constrain the loft geometry across profiles, resulting in a lofted body that follows the shape described by the guide wires at relevant points. The guide wires reduce the number of profiles required when creating lofts.  

Auxiliary Coordinate System 

Improved capabilities while working with the Auxiliary Coordinate System, which will save time while working on your design files. You can:  

Select an ACS while using Move ACS. 
Select an ACS while using Rotate ACS. 

Parametric Modeling > Variables and Variations Enhancements & Improvements: 

Variables Dialog functionality improvements will enable you to save time by sorting the variables in ascending or descending order and added ability to search variables by name. You also can view the variables assigned to an element in the active view as well as select a variable and view the element associated with it in the current view. 

Item Type Text Improvements 

Save time and have confidence in your data-driven annotations when placing and manipulating Item Type text.   Item Type Text placement enhancements like Annotation Scale Lock and the Levels list from Level Manager have been added to the Item Types, Attach, Edit, and Clone Item dialogs to offer better control of the annotations placed in a file. For more information and the full list of Item Types enhancements please see the What’s New in MicroStation 2023 video linked below.     

Deprecated Features: 

The following tools are not supported by the latest Google Earth versions hence are removed; you can use Bing Maps in the background to leverage these capabilities: 

  • Synchronize Google Earth View 
  • Follow Google Earth View 
  • Capture Google Earth Image 
  • Play Camera Animation in Google Earth 

Additional Resources:  

You can also find What's New in MicroStation 2023 in our latest video on Youtube. 

Get MicroStation 2023: 

  1. Browse to and sign into Software Downloads at 
  2. Select Download to download MicroStation 2023 x64 version 

Important installation requirements and notices are found in the ReadMe and theResolved Issues wiki.