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MicroStation 2023 SDK (

August 11, 2023

The MicroStation SDK team is pleased to announce the commercial release of MicroStation 2023 SDK ( for use with MicroStation 2023 (

Executive Summary

Keep Current


MicroStation SDK native (C/C++) and managed code (.NET add ins) development requires:

Bentley Visual Studio Templates

Microsoft Visual Studio Configuration Recommendations

Visual Studio - Workload Dependencies

  • .NET Desktop Development
  • Desktop development with C++ (Provides: DIA SDK)
  • Universal Windows Platform development (Provides: Windows 10 SDK, or Download)

Visual Studio - Installing and Configuring

Visual Studio - Toolset location Changes

Note: Microsoft recommends binding 1 Toolset (version) per 1 Development Shell (environment instance)

Release Notes

  • General
    • Some CHM files are Missing in this release of the SDK and can be obtained and manually installed from here.
    • Modify the Desktop and/or Start Charm/Menu shortcut properties to enable: "Run as Administrator"
    • MicroStation SDK releases are generally available within 2 to 4 weeks of a respective closely paired MicroStation product release
    • To ensure maximum compatibility and stability of your applications:
      • Recompile custom applications when Microsoft Visual Studio version changesor if Breaking Changes are mentioned 
  • Bug FixesReview Resolved Defects: MicroStation - Resolved Issues
  • Breaking Changes - N/A


MicroStation Developer Shell
SDK Root
  • MicroStationDeveloperShell.bat. N/A.
    • MicroStation 2023.0 SDK provides Product Rename and Stability Updates
    • MicroStation 2023.1 SDK will provide Additional Feature Updates
  • Updated Libraries: Microsoft.Build.*.dll, VisualStudio.*.dll, System.*.dll
  • SDKCommon.bat - Change: SDK Name
  • Incremental API Updates. See: Include section (below) and ChangeLogs
  • Updated:
    • DgnEC\PickListProviderExample\ManagedExample\PickListProviderManagedExample.cs (Updated: Trim field value)
  • NOTE:
    • In DgnEC context, SrNo is an abbreviation for "Serial Number"
    • Project Temp Variables containing version numbers within paths may have changed. E.g. From: 10.0.x, To: 23.0.x
  • Bentley\stdcxx\bvector.h - Add: shrink_to_fit()
  • DgnGeoCoord\DgnGeoCoord.h - Modified: BaseGCSCartesianFromUors
  • DgnPlatform\CustomItemType.h
    • Modified: CustomProperty
    • Add: GetIsDefaultValueExpression, SetIsDefaultValueExpression
  • DgnPlatform\DgnFile.h - Add: Bentley/BeTextFile.h
  • DgnPlatform\DgnPlatform.h - Add: STRING_LINKAGE_KEY_ItemType
  • DgnPlatform\DgnPlatform.r.h - Add: DEFSTPFILE_ID, DEFPYFILE_ID
  • DgnPlatform\DgnPlatformErrors.r.h - Add: DGNOPEN_STATUS_NotSupported
  • DgnPlatform\TextTableHandler.h - Add: TableCellMarginsType
  • DgnPlatform\TextTableStyle.h
    • Add: GetMarginsType, SetMarginsType
    • Modified: SetMarginsScale
  • DgnPlatform\ViewportDrawnCellHandler.h - Add: MAX_VIEWPORTDRAWNCELLSIZE
  • ECObjects\ECExpressions.h - Add: RepublishSymbolProviders
  • GeoCoord\BaseGeoCoord.h - Add: HasCustomDatum
  • Mstn\MdlApi\dlogids.r.h
    • Removed: *3DWarehouse*, PUSHBUTTONID_Expression
    • Relocate/Consolidate: *ID_ACS*
  • Mstn\MdlApi\dlogitem.h - Add: RawItemHdr
  • Mstn\MdlApi\msw32utl.fdf - Add: WNMI_CALL_WinUIA
  • Mstn\MdlApi\userpref.r.h - Add: recentsButtonsMaxCount
  • SmartFeature\AssociativeElementAPI.h - Removed: IAssociativeElementFactory (Interface and Methods)
  • N/A
Migration Tools
  • N/A
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