[v8i] MicroStation Word Processor takes a long time to load when trying to edit a .rsc font.

Is there a way to make the text in the word processor show up in a standard font (not .rsc) so that it doesn't have to convert the .rsc font to a temporary true type font every time you edit the text? This happens the first time you edit text in a MicroStation session, but it can take up to a minute to open the word processor, and users sometimes think that the program is hung up.

  • Hello Chris,

    Could it be that your MicroStation temp folder (MS_TMP) is located on a network drive and as a result of that, it takes long before the .rsc is converted to a temp true type font and stored in the folder $(MS_TMP)GeneratedTTFonts\

    Are you cleaning up that temp folder after every MicroStation session?
    If not, the temp fonts will be available for the next session(s) as well.
    Could it be that you have limited access to that temp folder (not allowed to write in that folder) or that the files in that folder are corrupted somehow?

    To use and alternative font in the word processor, you can try setting the variable below:
    This will display any active resource font in the word processor as if it is Arial.
    Note that the resulting text in your .dgn will still be in the .rsc format and hence may look quite different from what you see in the word processor.



  • Henk,

    I took a look at the MS_TMP folder, which happens to be a local c:\ drive folder, with no limitations (write access). The font in question is there (BOLD.ttf), so it's not getting deleted after each MicroStation session. I do notice that the file size is significantly bigger than the other ttf files in this folder. I tried deleting the file and re-creating it (it gets re-created by just using the edit command in MicroStation), but I get the same results. The first edit takes a minute or more to get into the editor, after that it works fine. I guess it has to do with the font and the fact that it is a larger size than other similar files (about 10 times larger than the others, 2,133 kb).

    If this becomes a serious issue with the users, I will have them add the alternative font variable. I knew there was one, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I wish there was a list of all variables somewhere.....

  • Unknown said:

    I wish there was a list of all variables somewhere.....


    There is a Support Solution article on MicroStation V8i Variables


  • Conor K,

    Thanks for guiding me to this list. This is a great resource for configuring MicroStation. Oddly enough, the configuration variable we are talking about (MS_WORD_PROCESSOR_DISPLAY_RSC_USING_DEFAULT_FONT) is not on this list. I do realize the list is incomplete, but still this is an invaluable resource. Thanks!

  • The list is only for the variables which are delivered. The variable that you are referring to has to be created it is not already delivered.