[v8i] MicroStation Word Processor takes a long time to load when trying to edit a .rsc font.

Is there a way to make the text in the word processor show up in a standard font (not .rsc) so that it doesn't have to convert the .rsc font to a temporary true type font every time you edit the text? This happens the first time you edit text in a MicroStation session, but it can take up to a minute to open the word processor, and users sometimes think that the program is hung up.

  • Hello Chris,

    Could it be that your MicroStation temp folder (MS_TMP) is located on a network drive and as a result of that, it takes long before the .rsc is converted to a temp true type font and stored in the folder $(MS_TMP)GeneratedTTFonts\

    Are you cleaning up that temp folder after every MicroStation session?
    If not, the temp fonts will be available for the next session(s) as well.
    Could it be that you have limited access to that temp folder (not allowed to write in that folder) or that the files in that folder are corrupted somehow?

    To use and alternative font in the word processor, you can try setting the variable below:
    This will display any active resource font in the word processor as if it is Arial.
    Note that the resulting text in your .dgn will still be in the .rsc format and hence may look quite different from what you see in the word processor.



  • Henk, I read your post (which gave me hope) and have added the variable but this had no effect on the word processor problem. It still hangs up and still shows the same font that is on the screen. Also, the MS_TMP folder (according to the variable) for my computer has only 4 files in it and a Prefs folder. Is there any other place or a particular file name I could look for that would have the Generated TTFonts?

    Thank you

  • Thanks again Lorys!
    Unfortunately I am using the D.O.T.s resource files and am relegated to using them. One other thing, we have never had an issue using the D.O.T.s files - did v8i change the way it works? I thought I had this same problem at another company and was able to rectify this problem.......I'm pretty sure :-\
  • I would suggest that you contact the DOT and see if they have an updated resource file.

  • Some DOT's, ADOT being one of them, have many special characters built into their fonts that are not available in Windows fonts. Remember that the DOT's started with Intergraph IGDS not Bentley Microstation. Windows was a dream at that point in time. Backwards compatability is an important issue.
  • another  more workable option is change your settings in prefs not to use the word processor and just use the old school text editor  use the  rsc font you have to..

    its very much quicker to load ... you can even set up a script  to toggle it to text editor and set the font of choice  and text height ,level , colour,  line length, spacing and justification

    all mostley 2 letter keyins  etc just like did before the word processor existed...add this to a F key or a simple macro  like macro adot  ( this would run it as a keyin)

    you can find a lot of the old keyins for things if you search 55menu.dgn turn off fills and you should see the keyins  inside the boxes and icons..

    This was the old digitisor  menu ... loads of gems in there and most still work... 


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  • . To further update should he be working on an ADOT project: the font.rsc file to be used is not the one that comes from Bentley. It is located in the ADOT standards directory structure.

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