ghost lines

Using v8i I have ghost lines that dissapear when I zoom out and in but how do I remove them from the display?

  • It's possible that you may have front/back clipping planes in the file if it is 3d. If it is 2d there may be display driver issues or there could be some form of file corruption causing this. To see if it may be file corruption, open a new clean file and reference your file to it this new file. Merge the old file into the new file (Merge into master) and see if the "ghost" lines are still there. If they are still visible make sure you video card driver is up-to-date. If using Nvidia card there was a recent version that cause problems so you may need to search for that on the forums to be sure you do not install that driver.

    If you can post the file others can look at it also.

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    please find below an in-depth discussion on display issues with Nvidia: