Reset (right click) not returning to default command (selection tool)

We just upgraded our systems to Windows 7 and V8i SS3 from XP and V8i SS2.

We are using ProjectWise.  All hardware is just simple out-of-the box Dell keyboard & mouse.

Only software was updated.  Hardware has not changed.


In the old XP/SS2 environment, a right click would return me to the selection tool.  This no longer works. It doesn't seem to do anything.  The current command/tool remains active.

I searched online, found some info about changing some options in the Look & Feel part of preferences.  But, none of the changes caused anything to change.

How can I change the right cilck behavior in Microstation V8i SS3 to escape/cancel current command and return to my default tool which is the Selection tool?



P.S. I do have ESC set up to cancel commands, but I am looking for my mouse to act the same way in SS3 as it did in SS2.

EDIT:  I am still using XP/SS2 on top of my Win7/SS3 via a VDI login and the buttons work as expected, so it is not a mouse hardware problem.