Elements in file gone 2 ! Help

I have same problem as few months ago....

I draw big 3d model  -  all is ok  and when i rotate wine shelf   Microstation crash.

I reopen the file  and the file is empty !   I made verify dgn  ( it shows about 1600 elements )  but nothing happend.

It's my second time with this crash "bug" .  Maybe it something with memory ?  But my computer have 8 GB  and file 150 mb

Here is the file  http://www.speedyshare.com/8nbks/dap-piwnica-sala2.dgn   ( CLICK ON  SLOW DOWNLOAD )

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  • Thanks all for answers and sugestions. Thanks Jan for understand and clear this.

    I make this huge file because many of my clients need some stuff there are in 3ds or others.
    As you know some of this files ( for example furnitures - have about 50 - 100 mb each )

    I see that this file is gone when i add some stuff like tree or cars from Shared content. For example i have 10 and add 11 and now is crash. Maybe it's memory problem , maybe the file i add .

    I can try EAP because i have time now for testing but i'm not a select user right now.
    Last time i use some SIESTA furniture but can work on this - the file have about 2 GB

    Now i have Six Core Processor, and 18 GB of RAM. I don't know if the HD is so slow, or graphic card Nvidia 750TI but this big file once open, once not. And rotate is horrible.

    I can help Bentley with this because i always work with big files - and i see that Compress option reduce the size well .
  • As this seems to keep happening to you and it would seem the same file or type of files  and I think the amount of problems and time lost and grief you've had that I think you should invest in a license  for Axiom tools File Fixer .. I think you can still buy just that  tool and keep paying the annual subscription fee as well as tech support..

    I used it a lot in my last job and it pays for itself first time.. especially if you run it over all your  files to prevent future crashes ...

    Take a look at their web site www.axiom.com

    I think you can even do a try before you buy as well as send them a file and see if they can fix it.. sounds to me like your  files are ticking time bombs waiting to fail..

    My main source of problems came from users  ref attaching acad  files and copying in direct from ref acad files data like acad patterns and acad shared cells...then detaching the dwg refs...


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