Lost Toolboxes Etc.


Today I opened mstn and found a bare workspace. All my toobox settings were lost - none were open. I'm using the same workspace/user/project etc. on open as when I closed out last night.

My Key-in spot is gone. The bottom where status messages, key-in window, and where I parked AccuDraw, were all gone except for the status messages. Further, it seems to not fit into the available space anymore - if I dock AccuDraw it is off the screen to the left and I can't see it. There is no place to change views anymore.

What happened? How can I restore it to how it was? I can open the toolboxes again (although I can't seem to find the one that open the Model dialog, it only wants me to create new models from the Models toolbox), but the AccuDraw and key-in missing have me concerned.

I don't know of any environment changes, though IT maybe installed a Windows update last night - I do not know.

V8i SS3


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