V8i compatibility with Parallels on Mac

I just downloaded a new version of MicroStation, on my iMac, partitioned using Parallels / Windows 7.  I had no issues with MicroStation 2004, but when I try to open a drawing file "Sample", Window crashes.  Is there an issue I'm not familiar with?  (I have plenty of memory/RAM capacity).

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  • Hi,

    MicroStation is only supported on native Windows OS and not on virtual machines (besides citrix environments, which are quite a different story) such as Parallel and VMWare Fusion on MacOS. The only safe way to use MicroStation on a Mac is via dual boot configuration using BootCamp.

    Not supported means that the configuration has not been tested/certified and hence not suitable for production and we cannot guarantee its functionality nor support it. 

    The reason why the latest versions can fail on VMs is that they depend a lore more on hardware acceleration than the old 8.5 versions and a virtual machine may not be able to satisfy MicroStation minimum hardware requirements.

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