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Can some please explain why or how you uses the following in element templates

Levels you can have a primary level which seems to be the level the template will take when it is used, yet you can added multiply levels below this which dont seem to have any function at all.

This also seem to apply to all the attributes within  the templates including colour fill, hatching etc

many thanks


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  • You can add multiple instances of the same property to a template, each with a different setting. If there are multiple instances of the same property, the first one in the list will be the default that is used when the template is activated. If there are multiple instances of the same property and you do not want to use the default property, before drawing the element use the appropriate toolboxes to select “secondary” properties that match those in the template. If the Active Element Template icon is locked, the placed element will be associated with the template. The element will also pass the Standards Checker's tests of element templates.

    When multiple instances of the same property exist in one template, they appear in the Properties pane under the property's name. Each instance of the property has a number next to it in parentheses. The first instance is the default. The default property value is visible if the list of “secondary” properties is collapsed below the property's name.

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