V8i Change Request, "Floating" Scale Bar/North Arrow

With MicroStation's ability to reference shape files and geo referenced images I find myself doing more and more "mapping" type work in MicroStation.  ( I don't have Bentley Map)  With that I find I am printing more screen shots and not plotting sheet files or even making sheet files.  With that in mind would you consider added a "floating" scale bar and north arrow to MicroStation, similiar to what is in Geomedia?



  • While Bentley try to work this out you can sort of acheive  what  you want with  cells and  some scripts or strings to run them  from an F key assignement

    I have  created  one  for  north point placement  to auto rotate to real north  incase the view has been rotated and the scale bar would again just be a cell 1:1 it doesnt need scaling as its for true mapping everything  is scaled up to the real world not scaled down the real world to paper..

    if you want  the north script  you can search for it here  or email me your email address and I'll bring it  home from work

    The scale bar string would  be  

    as=1; ac="full file path .cel \scalebar name"

    and it should appear at  your cusor  .. thats the keyin you would add to your  Fkey menu because you use it a lot  yuor  favourite F key assigned menas  you just hit for example F12 to place the  north point and  Shift F12 to load and place your  barscale cell

    The as  is to set the scale  of the cell to 1  but  you could leave that off and just  change the cell dialog value....


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