2D drawings displaying in 3D

Good afternoon everyone,

I'm having a problem with Microstation Powerdraft v8i (SelectSeries 3).

My colleague and I, today, have just received updated computers that were completely wiped, and now only have Windows 7.

We have installed Powerdraft v8i SelectSeries 3, and my colleagues is working fine.

I have done the same (however mistakenly downloaded and installed Bentley Live Player), yet when I open my 2d drawings, they open up with all of the lines going all over the place as if they are trying to project themselves in 3d. When I try to draw a new line it also looks as if it is trying to give it depth in 3d.

Does anyone know how to set it to 2d only? Could Bentley Live Player have caused this problem?

I hope this makes sense to you!

Kind regards,

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