Annoying nag screen on exit

Microstation v8i: Is there any way to disable the annoying "This will exit microstation" nag screen that pops up if I exit by clicking the X in the top right hand corner? My mental response is usually along the lines of "Gosh, will it? I never knew that."

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  • Unknown said:
    I've now switched to using the key-in dialog

    Good decision!

    Unknown said:
    So far it seems to be working ok

    It's been working OK since MicroStation V8 was introduced in 2001  8-)

    If you've been using the Command Window, you may be unaware of the MicroStation Message Center.  The Message Center provides more feedback than the message, status, command and prompt fields...

    • The Message Center is resizable
    • You can see a list of messages posted in the current MicroStation session
    • You can copy text from the Message Center
    • You can expand and collapse the Message Center like the key-in dialog

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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