Possible reasons why an element would act like 'Read-Only' when not really.

I'm rather inexperienced with Microstation, so I'm hoping there's some simple fix to this that I just don't have the experience to look for.

I have a file that is not allowing me to do some functions, but then, every now & then, it will let me copy perhaps, even though it still won't let me use the 'move' command.  The parent file has reference files that reference this particular element from another file.  I believe I have chased it to its origin file, but even though the checkbox for 'Read-Only' status is not checked, it still will not allow me to edit this element, even in its original file.  

Is there possibly another 'Read-Only' checkbox that might need to be turned off?  sometimes it doesn't say it's read-only, it just won't do what I ask it to; is there a similar locking feature that might be turned on?

Thank yall,


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