Level Properties Dialog Box

Sometimes when I try to check the usage on some levels this is what I get.

Does anybody know why?

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  • This question was posted over 5 years ago and may not be related to a version of software you are using. If you have an issue which may be related to this it is always best to post a new question in this forum providing the appropriate details including the software and version you are using. You should also provide examples for what your particular issue is concerning you as it may be unrelated to what was originally posted here.

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  • It is exactly what the original user posted.  I've seen it over the years and have forgotten how I fixed it in the past.  I think it's the driver version for the graphics card that I changed to fix it, but it's not working in my case now.  Also as your cursor moves over parts of the dialog box, and microstation highlights the part of the dialog box exactly underneath the cursor, it shows those individual parts correctly.  Close the dialog box and you have to do the same procedure over again.  I've only ever seen MicroStation have the issue, not word, excel, or any other program.  It also isn't Windows version specific or MicroStation version specific.

  • What you're describing is a graphics display issue with is usually related to the driver you have installed or the age of the hardware. The following Wiki article will assist with identifying what may be the cause or to remedy your particular situation.


    If you haven't already you might like to check with the manufacturer of the graphics card to ensure you have the latest they provide. Otherwise you might need to consider configuring your system to use an older version of DirectX. This would really only be a workaround.


    A. Go to - Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System\Advanced System Settings

    B: Click on Environment Variables, see picture below.

    C: Under System Variables click on New…

    D: Create a New System Variable

    For V8i versions, use enter:
    Variable name:                  QV_D3DVERSION
    Variable value:                  9

    For CONNECT Edition versions enter:
    Variable name:                  QV_DISABLE_D3D11
    Variable value:                  1

    Click OK

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