Copy Snap coordinates to Clipboard

Is there a tool which would allow to copy currently snapped point coordinates to clipboard? As a workaround we can use Message center and copy active coordinates using  Ctr+C but it is not easy. Accudraw is also not an option as need to copy each coordinate separately and not in format x.xx,y.yy,z.zz

I believe there once was a MDL cursor tracking tool which could do that, is it available on v8?

  • You can use the Label Coordinates tool to place the X,Y,Z values as a text node. Then you can use the Text Editor to copy the coordinate info to the clipboard. Not a one step process but it works a lot easier than using the message center.

    If you have points in a file you can also use the Export Coordinates tool.

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  • when I use tentative and  go to message center I use the  mouse to highlight and use control C or even right mouse save message

    but depending on what the element is you could always select it then use right mouse button menu> properties and in the properties the  xy coordinates are listed

    and you should be able work out which is needed and  just drag mouse over the co-ordinates and  copy paste to clip board note pad whatever..

    But please  tell  me your not wanting this so you can do autocad type work mode of copy and paste by insertion from original coordinates...

    Can you spell out what it is your trying to achieve aver all... we may have a free custom tool or easier work flow....

    Incidentally if you just want to make a setout table  you can use the export coordinates tool ( xyz tools) and it will label each with end of lines  ( and verticies) with an id number  say 1, 2,3 and extract the  coordinates  of all the selected linework and  uses the same  numbers which is then is then listed in a text file  which you can then use excel to tidy up and  make headings then put back into dgn  as an embeded  excel file settout table looks pretty cool .. i've done hundreds of these with said xyz tools>  export coordinates tool..

    probably my  favourite tool in msnt is the xyz tools import and export coordinates...

    here is example I drew the red lines ( then placed inside a fence and ran export coordinates tool) ustn then assigned the yellow  text and made a csv table which I edited and I copy pasted from excel the modified csv and used  copy paste special embed that way the excel always lives inside the dgn and can never  be  lost in transit.. also only took me  under 3 mins to make this....


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  • This is an often asked questions from users so I don't know all the workflows. Regarding export tool it may not be the usable in case the points are from different elements.

    Using running coordinates field would be great if it would support copy command -
  • Nice task, Oto

    I believe it would be very useful to have the last message from the MessageCenter in the clipboard and created a small tool.

    Please check out clipboardfeeder.mvba

    If you want to use it much more efficient in your workflow, we could patch it and wrap some additional functions around it, that get the x or y part of the message.

    Regards, Stefan.

  • This is what I come up with. It has some drawbacks, it doesn't honor DGN accuracy, Snap tracking works only after tentative point is accepted not as with running coordinates.