MS V8i Line Graphics Problem

Dear Community:

The purpose of learning the MS is to be productive at my new summer internship with the local railroad agency for whom MS is bread & butter. So far I made no headway.

I just installed the MS V8i and upon sitting down to work some tutorials (i am very new to MS world) got thwarted by some graphical glitches. Attempts to find a solution on the web to this problem failed as did a reinstallation and playing with program settings.

Installed PowerDraft as well. Problem appeared to NOT exist there!

Machine specs/benchmark are attached as file "x" , "x2" and "x3".

Files "1" , "2" , and "3" depict the graphical glitch as I zoom in.

Nature of glitch: when trying to draw a simple line, the origin of that line appears somewhere in the depth of the z-axis. Furthermore, the Smart Square which helps us to plot, has its Red and Green guides at very strange orientations. Also, the line to be drawn isnt shown as solid, it fades into the z-axis distance.

I hope that I posted in the correct forum--apologies if not as I am new.

Could someone please help?

P.S. I thought that it might be due to an old V7 seed but I attempted a V8 with no improvement.

P.P.S. Same installation version runs well on Acer laptop w/ AMD parts.

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  • Here is the odd part. The MS v8i I have produces graphical anomalies yet the PowerDraft does not. See screens for graphical artifacts and the PD version.

    Now, the PD is crippled since its for students, which I am. But I still want to use the full MS edition. Why does one edition work and the other edition does not work?

    Furthermore, I followed the Bentley TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE and it helped a tad. I played around with the way the OS runs the software by the way of alternate settings in the PROPERTIES BOX. But again, the odd lines are gone but cursor ghosting and issues with screen refreshing when zooming in/out remain.

    Again, I want to reiterate that I have no problems with the PD other than its crippled. Graphically, it runs perfectly.

    Any other advice?

  • Hi,

    you received some advices but you have not followed them enough. Your problem is well known issue of Nvidia graphics cards existing in some drivers versions. I see no effort to try find answers available at this web, there are plenty of discussions where possible solutions and working/not working driver versions are presented.

    Unknown said:
    installed it in place of the above (most recent) driver. Its version is: 312.69. Problems persists.

    Ok, if this driver doesn't work, try another. Version 332.76 and 333.11 are reported by others users as working. If these versions are not available for your card, you have to find another or contact your notebook supplier.

    Unknown said:
    Any other advice?

    Did you try to set QV_D3DVERSION configuration variable to 9 and test results? It's another possible solution discussed many times already.

    Unknown said:
    Now, the PD is crippled since its for students, which I am.

    Please, if you use term "crippled", provide facts how PowerDraft is crippled for students. PowerDraft is product developed for drafting and provides set of tools required for this type of usage. There are many other products based on the same engine (PowerCivil, Bentley Map in different editions...) providing different tools and featurs. Do you think they are crippled also? Or you think just because it's version for students, Bentley included some special limitations inside PowerDraft?

    Unknown said:
    Why does one edition work and the other edition does not work?

    They are different versions (builds) and probably MicroStation as newer build uses some features not supported correctly by the driver you use.

    With regards,