AccuDraw Shortcuts on non-QWERTY keyboards

When I installed CONNECT, even on a fresh machine that hadn't seen any preview versions, (OS Win7 Home SP1, 64-bit), RQ is set to Rotate ACS, RA is Rotate Quick and RW is Rotate Z. Same thing with my regular machine (Win7 Pro SP1 64 bit).

And I'm not using a physical QWERTY keyboard and settings the keyboard layout to AZERTY in Windows or the other way around.

In SS3 as in many versions before that, RA is Rotate ACS, it doesn't matter where that A is located on the keyboard.

I'm used to typing RA and the fact that my A key has been sitting in the position of the Q key on a QWERTY keyboard doesn't change that one bit. The old AccuDraw Shortcuts should have stayed fixed like they've been since as long as I care to remember, instead of changing with the keyboard layout.

You should have flagged AccuDraw Shortcuts (from the old shortcuts.txt) as NOT changing with the keyboard layout by default. Because it makes absolutely no sense at all to change these just because I'm not using a QWERTY keyboard. I know I can change the keybindings manually, but that's not something I'd care to have to explain a few hundred times.

Here everyone that installs CONNECT will complain that their AccuDraw shortcuts are broken.

  • Which language keyboard setting are you using on Windows 7? I have tested with the French keyboard setting and an AZERTY keyboard on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 today, and they are all working correctly.

  • Dutch (Belgium) Keyboard: Belgian (period).

    And by "working correctly" I hope you mean that the RA keybinding is set to Rotate ACS by default. RQ to Rotate Quick etc.

    Currently after a fresh install I get

    Q: Lock Angle

    LW: Lock Sticky Z

    ,: Change mode

    GQ: Get ACS

    RA: Rotate quick

    RQ : Rotate ACS

    RW: Rotate Z

    P,: Point keyin multi

    Z: W Shortcuts

    ZQ: Write ACS

    W: Lock Z

    Did you install on a machine with US settings and then change the keyboard and/or regional settings?

    I installed CONNECT several times on a EN Windows with Belgian regional settings and keyboard, same results.

    While RQ = Rotate ACS "works correctly" it's not what anybody would really want to work with.

    RA = Rotate ACS, etc. Been like that for years, best to keep it that way since it would only cause confusion between users with different keyboard layouts.

  • The Belgian French keyboard layout is working but not the Belgian (Period) layout. This will be fixed in the next update.

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