Need to search and list cad files that have specific text

I recentley rediscovered that windows explorer can search for text in non graphic mode and list all files that have your text even DWGs now work...

you must have mstn V8i ss2 or better installed on the search pc 

I have made a  video which I presented at last Victorian BE user Group meeting 2 nights ago on this 

the link is below copy it out and  put into your browser and it will stream very quickly as its on a few meg but it definatley shows how all the steps re described...

this is great news even Project wise cant do this only searches tags with PWise...and works without running indexing...

Link is

Enjoy the video...

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  • Thanks John..

    I actually  love using microstation and play around at home trying new tricks etc and  obviously these Forums

    When i first started the the old forum was so much help to me that I just cant  help wanting to help others here even if its only a work around it still gets one out of trouble and I've been there on a friday night and cont get something to work and dreaded facing my boss on monday morning  so I know the angst  fellow users go thru...

    And I still find losts of help and tips for myself from other users...


    Can you send/ post  link to tech info on just how we can set this up in Pwise... I have then explain it to IT  they are not Bentley users so it needs to be like this do that and specify

    • How to get the ifilter
    • How toinstall it
    • How to use it in Pwise ( well that parts for me)


    Started msnt work 1990 - Retired  Nov 2022 ( oh boy am I old )

    But was long time user V8iss10 ( dabbler CE  update 16 ( 

    MicroStation user since 1990 Melbourne Australia.
    click link to PM me 

  • Hi Lorys,

    You currently have a PW Integration Server right? What you'll want to use is the Full Text Indexing which is part of the Automated File Processing. This gets set up with the Integration Server and you can actually offload this to a tail server. If you look in the PW Implementation Guide it will explain to you what it is and how to set it up. It's really not that hard if you follow the Implementation Guide but if you have any questions on it please let me know and I can help you through the process.