Connect- how can I instal connect and keep instal of V8i ss3

Is it  possible to have Connect Edition and V8i SS3 on the same  machine and if so what are the  steps...

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    Is it  possible to have Connect Edition and V8i SS3 on the same  machine?

    I'm sure that question has been answered elsewhere in more detail, but the basic answer is yes.

    MicroStation CONNECT is 64-bit, requires a Windows 64-bit operating system, and is installed by default to the Windows C:\Program Files\ folder.  Product information is written to the 64-bit Windows Registry.

    MicroStation V8i and earlier are 32-bit applications, installed by default to the C:\Program Files(x86)\ folder on a 64-bit Windows computer. Product information is written to the 32-bit Windows Registry.

    Both the installation folders and the Windows Registry data are in separate locations.

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    This is from Quick Install Guide of Readme in MicroStation CONNECT Edition:

    •MicroStation CONNECT Edition is designed so it can be installed and safely coexist on the same workstation as an existing MicroStation V8i or MicroStation V8 XM Edition commercial release. It will not attempt to upgrade or uninstall the existing commercial release, and by default it installs its program and configuration files to different locations than the other commercial release. When you install MicroStation CONNECT Edition it creates the registry entries responsible for file associations. If you do not want this to happen, during installation, in the Select Features to install list, turn off the File Association check box. MicroStation CONNECT Edition also creates the registry keys for VBA-initiated launching. Windows architecture allows for only one program to own these registry keys and the existing MicroStation V8i or MicroStation V8 XM Edition Commercial Release should continue to function normally by default.

    •If you installed MicroStation V8i and MicroStation CONNECT Edition on the same workstation and then uninstalled MicroStation V8i, you must run the Repair tool to make sure the registry and file associations are correct. Note: If you used Microsoft's program to uninstall, the Repair tool will work correctly. However, if you used a third-party's product to uninstall, it may have removed files needed by MicroStation. For the procedure to repair MicroStation, refer to the topic To Repair MicroStation.

    •MicroStation CONNECT Edition will not install if any technology preview (“beta”) release of MicroStation CONNECT Edition already exists on the machine. You will have to uninstall the technology preview (“beta”) release before installing MicroStation. You should always back up your data prior to installation.

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  • For additional information, here is also a link to a wiki article "MicroStation CONNECT Edition Frequently Asked Questions":