Connect selection in perspective and zoom - works diffrent

Next few minutes with CONNECT

i see that  selection not working as in SS3. In SS3 perspective view  when you keep select ( draw select rectangle )  and  make zoom, you can still select what you need

In Connect  select ( rectangle ) and zoom  not keep selection in position you want

  • I have tried to follow the steps you described but I am not get the same results.
    Could you provide step-by-step instruction when doing this selection?

  • Hello Reginald , i try to find what i'm talking about but now i know

    - Open 3d model
    - for example in top view add some perspective 
    - choose selection ( old tasks "1" )
    - put start of selection in left bottom corner of window or your left part of model
    - go with selection to right top corner and try to zoom out / in with mouse roll - like you want to go out of screen to select whole model or most of his part

    > IN OLD SS3 - selection start point is still in place you choose first

    > IN CONNECT - not

  • Unknown said:

     - for example in top view add some perspective 

    What do you mean add some perspective, perhaps rotating the view?
    Can you possibly post a video that demonstrates the behavior?

  • Dear Reginald

    here are the screen videos

    see that select left corner is still in place in SS3

  • And here how it works in CONNECT ( sorry for mistake in first seconds )

    you can see that  if you select and roll mouse  -  your selection start  point not stay in this point

    so you can't select something in this mode  fast and exactly and zoom / roll for  distance objects

  • Once you have rotated the view could try this same element selection with "Camera" turned off in view attributes?

  • Go to the "Window Area" tool and turn off "Move Camera"

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