Connect - Active Angle and Scale keeps resetting on place cell

For some reason when I go to place a cell my Active angle is getting set to 45 and my Active scale to 100 and its not file specific.

File Settings

Tools settings displays properly.  However cell dynamics show differently

I then toggle the increase angle arrow.  This should result in 90 but it goes to 135

I then clicked on the scale ratio lock and the scales switch from 1 to 100.

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  • It doesn't hold. It keeps getting reset to 45 and 100 when I start placing a cells. I've set it and saved about 50 times.

    Please review the images I sent MicroStation is displaying the wrong values in the tool settings.
  • BADAngle.zipThis appeared to have worked for me, I did a file Save Settings and File Save. I attach the file for reference.

  • In the original file I sent try placing a cell.
    First set the angle = 0 scale = 1 in the tool settings.
    Place cell ARROW (this is a Bentley delivered library Sample2.cel)
    Then place DECID
    Then ARROW again.

    Do they all place correctly?
  • Bump - Carl, have you been able to reproduce this phenomena with the original file I supplied?
  • For me all appears to be fine, I have placed as a cell and shared cell using no predefined Workspace/Workset. - ( May be your using a slightly different workflow? )

    Anyone else able to reproduce?