Raster Manager - One View Will Not Turn On

I have an image attached to a design model. The design model is attached to a sheet model.

in the design model, I can turn the image off and on by any view.

However, as referenced into the sheet model, I am unable to turn it back on. It is turned on in views 2-8 but will not turn on in view 1. I can toggle the button, but it does nothing. If I exit the dialog box and later return to the file in the dialog box, the button is back to being turned off.

I tried opening view 2 and tried using copy view to copy all of the view setting back into view 1, but except for the raster toggle, every other settings seemed to copy.

There is a second group of images attached to another reference file and these allow me to toggle the view buttons for any or all of them and the images turn off and on when I do this.

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