Is there a possibility to change celected text in V8 by my giving number?

I have over 1000 texts in default layer like (heights 46.34 and 47.57 and 56.21 and 59.99 so.on) but I need to change them 0.12 cm. Like this numbers must be like(heights 46.44 and 47.69 and 56.33 and 60.11 and so on.) I need to calculate to some of them 0.12, some other 0.08cm.


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  • try this, I didnt  build it ...  but should do what you

    Alternatively use the export text macro I posted this earlier today here then save the contents to csv, open via excel and create equation to add 0.12 , copy replace values and  import text back via the  import coordinates tool xyzT ( this is native tool to microstation you can find it with  help)..

    and  use it to place the  new text at the old coordinates ( match your text attributes size style etc then make a new active level to import the new text into .. then if your happy delete the old text


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